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Services & Procedures

Family Medicine

Our family physician, nurse practitioners and staff have one goal in common, to provide each patient with the most comprehensive healthcare services.

Well woman exams are the foundation for wellness, health promotion and disease identification and management throughout your life. The well woman exam is performed in four parts; consisting of a complete health history, physical exam, clinical breast exam, pelvic exam and assessment for other health problems.

Well child exams include a complete physical examination. At this exam, the health care provider will check the infant or young child’s growth and development. Preventive care is important to keep children healthy. Information will be given about typical development, nutrition, sleep, safety, diseases and other important topics.

The sports physical exam helps determine whether it’s safe for your child to participate in a particular sport. There is a medical history and the physical examination. A school physical requires medical examinations for children in grades K, 6,11 and new students from out of state. These grades were selected because they represent critical periods of growth and development in a child’s life.

Asthma evaluations, Laboratory services, Management of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol are among other services offered by Brazos Integrative Medicine.

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Ideal Protein Diet

Medically developed weight loss method Ideal Protein has ranked #1 on the “Most Popular Diets of 2015,” list by Ideal Protein is a proven four-part method that enables safe, rapid weight loss, with a healthy lifestyle approach and structured, evidence-based maintenance program to sustain weight loss success. The method – offered through preferred healthcare partners and trained coaches – targets the root causes of weight gain by regulating insulin levels. Ideal Protein strongly emphasizes the importance of education and understanding as part of its weight loss program. Maintaining healthier lifestyle habits, including eating “smarter” are key throughout all four phases of the Ideal Protein method. Dieters are provided with one-on-one coaching, which includes a diet plan that promotes losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Bioidentical Hormones

The term “bioidentical” is used to describe custom-compounded formulations containing estrogens, progesterone, and androgens. Bioidentical hormone therapy is used to describe a group of practices that include the use of compound hormone mixtures, saliva testing, and the effect to restore levels of hormones in the body rather than to attain the relief from menopausal symptoms, which is the goal on conventional hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is an accurate and simple way for the ordinary man or women to assess levels of steroid hormones (e.g. estradiol, progesterone & testosterone). Saliva testing has many advantages over blood testing. Saliva specimen collection does not require a blood draw and there are no risks to patients. Saliva collections are convenient and can be done at work or at home. 

With an accuracy of 92-96%, saliva testing is more accurate than blood testing. Compared to blood testing, saliva testing is also more affordable.

The accuracy of saliva testing, together with its affordability, convenience, and the ability to collect multiple specimens makes saliva testing superior to blood testing.

Allergy Testing

A blood test for allergies can help find allergies to molds, dust mites, animal dander, insect stings, and some medicines. Food allergies are performed by saliva testing.